Youth in Nigeria achieve fundamental social change and participate actively in government and governance process at all levels


To build a national, grassroots-based movement to promote positive consciousness through political, civic and legal education

tHIS IS . . .

Who We Are

We are establishing an organisation borne out of the necessity to build a national, grassroots-based movement for defending the human and social rights of citizens and to promote mass platforms for power to achieve fundamental social change in Nigeria.

Our Organisation will build membership from the grassroots and mobilise them to immediately confront social challenges collectively.

Our Organisation will express and emphasise the role of its members in promoting a broad spectrum of individual, group and social rights. These rights can be achieved through actions targeting social and political change, including through the advancement of popular power at the local, state and national levels.  

Our Organisation shall be driven by fee-paying members that participate in promoting and defending human rights of citizens at their localities.

While promoting the rights of individual citizens everywhere in the country, the Organisation will recognise the rights of peoples, including minorities, to self-identify and to have communal systems that serve group interest, as long as long as individual rights are not violated. The Organisation will recognise the (historical and contemporary) colonial roots of the social systems that undermine citizens’ rights and livelihoods, and advance options to defend state sovereignty that is rooted in the power of citizens and communities

Our Rights are the Essence of Our Humanity. Join The Civil Rights Council Unit in Your Locality